package renderer

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Type Members

  1. class AreaSkeleton extends Skeleton

    Skeleton for nodes and sprites.

  2. class ConnectorSkeleton extends Skeleton with AttributeUtils

    Skeleton for edges.

  3. class EdgeRenderer extends StyleRenderer

  4. class GraphBackgroundRenderer extends SwingElementRenderer

    Renderer for the graph background.

  5. class JComponentRenderer extends StyleRenderer

    Renderer for nodes and sprites represented as Swing components.

  6. class NodeRenderer extends StyleRenderer

    Renderer for nodes.

  7. class SelectionRenderer extends AnyRef

  8. class Skeleton extends AnyRef

    Elements of rendering that, contrary to the shapes, are specific to the element, not the style group and define the basic geometry of the shape.

  9. class SpriteRenderer extends StyleRenderer

  10. abstract class StyleRenderer extends SwingElementRenderer

    Base class for style renderers.

Value Members

  1. object EdgeRenderer

  2. object NodeRenderer

  3. object Skeleton

  4. object SpriteRenderer

  5. object StyleRenderer

    Style renderer companion object, acts as a factory for renderers.

  6. package shape

  7. package test